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About Us

Yvette Tanner

PASCO/SW Home Health is owned and operated by Yvette Tanner. Her passion for home health care started with caring for her son, who was PASCO/SW’s 1st client. Yvette gained experience in advocating for services and rights for disabled individuals by serving on multiple boards both statewide and nationally. Yvette started PASCO/SW Inc. in 1999 as a sub-unit of the sister agency located in Denver.  The sub-unit split from the Denver agency in 2006. 

Our Mission

The Mission of PASCO/SW Home Health is to provide caring, compassionate, professional Home Health Care Services in all the counties we serve. we respect the wishes and rights of our clients. We endeavor to help our clients achieve their maximum level of health and well-being while promoting their safety and independence. PASCO/SW Home Health continually strives for client and employee satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Every individual has a fundamental right to attain the highest standard of health possible in the setting of their choice. The foundation of PASCO/SW Home Health is “CHOICE” to the maximum extent feasible. PASCO/SW Home Health works to accommodate the needs and wants of each client/consumer. PASCO/SW Home Health undertakes a comprehensive evaluation of its services once a year to ascertain client satisfaction and confidence in the services provided. PASCO/SW Home Health serves the entire community while we specialize in serving the disabled population. PASCO/SW Home Health provides resources, referrals and services to families, elderly, and any person needing specialized assistance, services and care in their home.